Loyal Nationals

UK Loyal Nationals Hr

17% of the population


‘The likes of myself don't matter anymore. I don't fit in. It seems we are giving in more and more to people that are outside of this country or don't want to integrate.’
George, 62, West Midlands

Loyal Nationals feel proud of their country and patriotic about its history and past achievements. They also feel anxious about threats to Britain, in the face of which they believe we need to come together and pursue our national self-interest. Loyal Nationals carry a deep strain of frustration at having their views and values excluded by decision-makers in London. They feel disrespected by educated elites, and feel more generally that others’ interests are often put ahead of theirs. Loyal Nationals believe we live in a dog-eat-dog world, and that Britain is often naïve in its dealing with other countries. Loyal Nationals get their news from The Daily Mail, The Sun, and ITV. In common with the Progressive Activists, with whom they also share a strong focus on inequality, they also get a lot of information from Facebook and local newspapers.

Top priorities: Immigration, our ageing population, preserving Britain’s cultural heritage

Compared to other groups

  • Most likely to say their nationality is important to them (78 v 62 per cent average)
  • Most likely to think that the UK needs a leader willing to break the rules (56 per cent v 39 per cent average)
  • Far more than any other group, feel like a stranger in their own country – (62 per cent v 43 per cent average)
  • More anxious about technological change and automation than any other group  (48 per cent v 38 per cent average)
  • More likely than any other group  to identify as working-class (65 per cent v 50 per cent average)
  • More insecure than any other group, with almost all agreeing that the world is becoming a more dangerous place
  • Strongest anti-immigration views of any group

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