Established Liberals

UK Established Liberals Hr

12% of the population

‘We are a very equal society and we are incredibly supportive of each other. I don’t think that is as true in other countries. I haven’t got any first-hand experience of being a different nationality, but I do think we have this amazing British spirit.’

Michael, 39, South West England

Educated, comfortable, and often quite wealthy, Established Liberals feel at ease in their own skin – as well as the country they live in. They tend to trust the government, institutions, and those around them. They are almost twice as likely than any other group to feel that their voices are represented in politics. They are also most likely to believe that people can change society if they work together. They think compromise is important, feel that diversity enriches society and think Britain should be more globally-oriented. More than any other group they choose to read The Times newspaper, but also listen to BBC Radio 4.

Top priorities: The economy, divisions in society, housing

Compared to other groups

  • Strongest sense of security of any group , with 40 per cent disagreeing that the world is becoming a more dangerous place (v 13 per cent average).
  • More likely to have volunteered in their local community in the past year than any other group  (31 per cent v 17 per cent average)
  • Less anxious about the impact of technological change and automation than any other group (27 per cent v 38 per cent average)
  • More likely to feel that they have a say in politics than any other group (43 per cent v 24 per cent average)
  • Most likely to think that people who agree with them politically need to be more willing to compromise (62 per cent v 50 per cent average)
  • Less likely to say they feel ‘very proud’ of being British (20 per cent v 27 per cent average)
  • More likely to think that immigration has had a positive impact on their area (60 per cent v 43 per cent average)

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